A Gangster family eats together. Regular get-togethers will be organized and hosted to give community members a chance to meet each other and connect. Other events and initiatives both online and offline will also be led in order to bring the Gangster vibes.


GAS goes from global to local. By tapping into the local communities of the different GAS members, we plan to organize sponsored events that tap into the creative and competitive spirit of individuals. These events will expose new avenues to expand the brand reach of Gangster All Star to the mainstream crowd.


Breathing life into the Gangster All Star story. Duang and Joker will go all-in and craft a serialized manga series centered around the Trinity and featuring characters from the Genesis and Universe collections. With Duang’s experience and connections, GAS aims to create a world-renowned story for the world to enjoy.


The ultimate dream. After the manga has been serialized with numerous volumes, we plan to partner with an animation studio to truly create a global IP.


An avenue for future stars. With our thirst of encouraging creative endeavors, we’ll build a culture that supports the arts and provide a platform for local artists. The project will expand its universe through partnerships and collaborations with artists that will integrate GAS lore and community.


Bridging the gap between web3 and web2. The team members are avid fans of streetwear culture and have previously released merchandise featuring the Gangster All Star and Evil Wear brand. We plan to expand this further onto apparel and equipment that are functional and stylish.